dr. teeth, esquire (a throwback)

so, a lil background here…

…back in 90’s (and probably before and after) if you were a regular at sundance records the staff probably had a nickname for you. generally they weren’t cruel (no guarantees) and usually they were at least mildly affectionate, condescending, or basic. one of such folks was a san marcos dentist, who’s nickname to at least part of the staff was “the tooth”.

so when a former sundance chum started commenting on this page he adopted a version of that moniker as he new i would recognize the general direction said comments were coming from. it should also be noted that around this time he was working his way through law school at the store, which will become blatantly apparent with all the comments kept in the bit.

12/16/2002: “bart simpson…”

…would be so proud.

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damn right, Rev. Teeth…in fact, pre-clergy i believe you even sold me a shirt that said so. but in the spirit of the holidays, have a merry xxxmas

sean (when will the madness end?) said @ 12/17/2002 11:40 PM CST

That’s Rev. Dr. to you … sinner.

Dr. Teeth said @ 12/17/2002 11:00 PM CST

i’m certain my shorts could induce hallucinations

harold said @ 12/17/2002 10:40 PM CST

that’s it dr. falkenteeth, you are SO cut off!!!

*yells to bartender*


you do realize between the two of us the comments section is now over 123,000% the size of the damn text on this piece, right?

sean (ENOUGH!!!) said @ 12/17/2002 09:58 PM CST

Well, I typed all this crap not realizing I had said “I’d rather be without my license for a couple of years” when I meant to say couple of months. If you have a clean record, it’s 180 days automatic. If you don’t have a clean record then you’re screwed. There is some relevant statutory stuff below if you care (including how an incapacitated person consents to a search for this stuff – the way I understand it, he/she can’t consent, but they can search you (breath/blood) as long as the right person does it.

I’m not a lawyer (yet) and none of this posting should be construed as legal advice. Common sense:
1. Don’t drive drunk.
2. Don’t break two laws at one time (ie, driving drunk with a busted tail light)
3. If you do get busted for this stuff, suck it up and pay for a lawyer, especially if some small town cop is the one who pulled you over.

Here’s some of the relevant statute.

TX TRANSPORTATION CODE 724.035 states, (a)If a person refuses the request of a peace officer to submit to the taking of a specimen, the department shall: (1) suspend the person’s license to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway for 180 days; or (2) if the person is a resident without a license, issue an order denying the issuance of a license to the person for 180 days. (b) The period of suspension or denial is two years if the person’s driving record shows one or more alcohol-related or drug-related enforcement contacts, as defined by Section 524.001(3)*, during the last 10 year preceding the date of the person’s arrest. (c) A suspension or denial takes effect on the 40th day after the date on which the person” … receives notice or is considered to have received notice.

For the passed out or dead:
TX Transportation Code 724.114 Person Incapable of Refusal. (a) A person who is dead, unconscious, or otherwise incapable of refusal is considered not to have withdrawn the consent provided by Section 724.011. (b) If the person is dead, a specimen may be taken by: (1) the county medical examiner or the examiner’s designated agent; or (2) a licensed mortician or a person authorized under 724.016 or 724.017 if there is not a county medical examiner for the county. (c) If the person is alive but is incapable of refusal, a specimen may be taken by a person authorized under Section 724.016 or 724.017. [for a breathylizer its gotta be someone possessing a certificate isued by the dept saying the person is qualified to perform the analysis (I guess most cops would have those certificates) and for a blood spec, its gotta be a physician, qualified technician, chemist, registered professional nurse, or licensed vocational nurse. It’s gotta be taken in a sanitary place, and qualified technicians do not include emergency services personel.

If you wanna read the stuff yourselves:
The Penal Code and the Transportation Statutes make for the best leisure reading.

*Alcohol or drug related contact means a DL suspension, disqualification, or prohibition order under TX law or the law of another state resulting from: conviction of an offense prohibiting operation of motor vehicle while: intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol, or under the influence of a controlled substance. A refusal to submit to the taking of a breath or blood specimen following arrest for an offense prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle while … Theres a couple more things, but I typed enough statute for today.

Dr. Teeth said @ 12/17/2002 04:18 AM CST

i dunno…i couldn’t do without my license for two years, but that’s me. but if you’re unconcious when they get to you, i’ve heard (with rare exceptions, although i do know one personally) that they CAN’T use it as admissable evidence…true?

sean (this is getting good) said @ 12/17/2002 02:56 AM CST

He was drunk pre crotch snack or he wouldn’t have ripped the crotch out of his shorts and ate it to “absorb alcohol.”

Why do people submit to a breathalyzer when they’ve been drinking and are drunk? I’d rather be without my license for a couple of years than have to explain a DW/UI for the rest of my life.

Dr. Teeth said @ 12/17/2002 01:22 AM CST

no, he wasn’t drunk. he only blew a .08, so he was released. better than what a lot of other people i know have blown when they’ve been drinking…but never mind that now.

sean (council for the defense) said @ 12/17/2002 12:21 PM CST

Hey, he beat the rap, although one would think there would be other more preferable garments to rip up and eat. Maybe he was drunk.

Dr. Teeth said @ 12/17/2002 09:40 AM CST

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