short bit, longer explanation (a flashback)

we’re gonna use a few literary terms here…


there were three bits nineteen years ago today, all with three different subjects. i picked this one because it references the last flashback two weeks ago. the irony was this bit was the first of the three, and despite it’s title there was one longer (which i didn’t use in hope it fits better next year if the 10th pops again) and one WAY shorter (one line and an image, which i’d done a couple times prior and dozens of times since, which are technically the shortest bits but i guess because this one was actually WRITTEN, but brief, with no “JPEG crutch” it was my shortest up to that point? who knows, but it goes like this…

12/10/2002: “i think my shortest entry ever”

tonight jim called to let me know that cher was on the billboard awards because ever since i proved i was man enough to make a woman happy by accompanying her fine, leather-wrapped latina ass to the show i have been labeled a “cher fan” by my “insecure in their masculinity” friends. so i was gonna call him when she came on to scream, “she looks FABULOUS!!!” in his ear, but while back in my room writing i realized that i didn’t have the bedroom tv on fox, and clicked over in time to catch the end of whatever it was she was on for, which brings to mind my question…

is it just me, or did cher say FUCK on live tv?


she totally said ‘fuck’ on live tv. it took almost ten years for the supreme court to pass down a ruling because, yeah, it went that far, and they still didn’t definitively decide. but they did mention she said it on live tv so nineteen years and numerous court cases later, question answered!

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