shoulda just eaten the raw shit

i think it’s a mistake in packaging…

…or so i’ve realized today.

so, a couple weeks ago the ufc landed a new gig in her company, putting behind us the fiscal speculation we’ve had most of the year as her previous spot was going away as of the last day of 2021. the new gig is 99.9% work from home, but that’s the norm as she’s done that since march of 2020. so we have lunch together three of the five work days lately, and one of the days is “sushi day”.

while nik likes the traditional raw stuff, which i like but i’m picky with, i like their cooked stuff like egg rolls and crab rangoons, which all state both microwave and oven cooking directions:

and while i’ve tried the microwave, with kinda crappy results, i decided last week to try the oven version. you can see it clearly states to take away the lid and the sauce and then use the tray it’s packaged in to heat it up, which is black plastic. we have plastic tongs and plastic spatulas and they don’t melt so, hey, fair enough, right?


in addition to the wonka looking results, it also incinerated the instructions on the back so i couldn’t see if this was my error or theres, so i went back today and got some more and, yep, that’s what the instructions say, all right.

now, if you look at these close enough you’ll notice that they actually are packaged in a METAL tray, which is how i think they’re supposed to be. and while the instructions are printed at corporate to correspond to a certain bar code, the packaging is done in store and, well, we see the results. needless to say i’ll go back and point this out to them, but for now i’m gonna go eat since this round just made it out of the oven unscathed!

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