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i’m not gonna lie…

…when there’s no perfectly aged bit, and i start looking for another to run, the first five or six i look at i’ve usually done so when i finally find one, i hop on it, which is how we got:

generation p
by sean ~ March 4th, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized.

if someone can come up with a better title then this, let me know…

…’cause i’m stumped.

so, i was getting ready for some people to come over and fix my a/c yesterday (don’t get me started – pray it’s working) when i got a text from a friend who was at her son’s basketball game and just wanted to say, “hi”.

(obviously the entertainment factor of watching your own kid shoot hoops is fading when you’re texting random guys, right?)

my natural reaction was to fire back with, “cool – is he winning?”. that was when i got the shocker of a lifetime:
“nobody’s winning – they don’t keep score…”
what the fuck?!?!?
i had to fire back, “if they don’t keep score, how is this a game exactly? sounds like a practice, but maybe with jerseys – so more like a “dress rehearsal”. how do you know who wins?”
she replied, “everybody gets to win this way…”
now there’s a good metaphor for life…”everybody wins”. that’s reality. and we wonder why we have a generation of fuckshits that think the world owes them something. they can’t point out iraq on a globe (where some of their classmates will eventually lose their lives for no fucking reason) but they can tell you who the last four guys britney fucked are…

…and due to the drugs i don’t think even she could pull that off.

so if my generations was “generation x”, and the one after it “generation y”, i call the latest incarnation “generation p” where the “p” stands for “PUSSY”. not as in what they’re getting, put what they are. everybody gets a trophy or a medal or a ribbon? what happens when they get out into the real world? will everybody get a good job? a nice house? a promotion? yeah, wait till that kicks in…then we’ll see what you actually raised – a whiny bunch of “that’s not fair!” screaming pains in the ass…

…and then my generation will have to shoot them. lock and load!

2021 note – this is a thirteen and half year old bit and it’s scary how spot on it was. talk about some entitled bullshit – i feel we might need to re-define that whole “trigger word” phrase to fit what i wrote!

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