watch the whole thing first

so, there’s been a bit of controversy over dave chappelle lately…

…and it’s unfounded.

i watched a trailer for his newest tour – in it he describes the whole “cancel culture” aspect of this, and how he made a great documentary around the whole george floyd thing, and how it was invited to numerous film festivals, and has now been uninvited from all those festivals and nobody will even talk to him about it due to the controversy around his latest (and supposedly last for a while) special.

he said he would happily sit down for a discussion with anybody from the LGBTQA+ (not sure if any more of the alphabet has been added to that – i’m starting to lose track) under three conditions:

1. it would be at a place of his choosing (good safety move)
2. it would be at a time and date of his choosing (ditto)
3. you had to watch the special, in it’s entirety, first

and that third one is where he gets you. because while a lot of the special is about trans stuff, and he laughingly refers to himself as trans-phobic and TERF, if you watch the whole thing, as most chappelle routines do, they come full circle and, in context, all jive out. so before you slam the latest mark twain prize winner make sure you know your shit, ’cause he sure as fuck knows his!

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