shedding some light on last week, part i

so, it all started with a cool swivel chair…

…i wanted it for the office, it was determined it wouldn’t really work there, but i still wanted it, so i ordered it for the studio.

here’s the problem – the “studio” has been the “storage room” since 2014 when the ufc moved in. we’ve occasionally piled more stuff in there since, but it’s never been cleaned out enough to add furniture. for that, we would need a storage shed. we’d talked about adding one out back, but what we wanted to put in it versus the size shed we kept talking about getting didn’t match until we looked at some metal ones at lowe’s and realized they would work (but home depot had the better price on the lumber, so there we were).

the lumber was to build the platform to put the shed on as they don’t come with flooring and ya don’t want them just sitting on the dirt (although that is an option) so tuesday produced this:

the first and last pictures are eight hours apart and this project felt like it almost killed me. i haven’t done wood working like this in ages and two facts hit me about half way through…

1. i used to do this in my teens, not fifties

2. i used to have three other people doing it with me

it ended up super solid but i was a bit worse for wear and slept like shit that night realizing that i had to get up and do it all over the next day because wednesday was the day the shed got built – or so i thought…

(to be continued)

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