purging the white out

while final census numbers haven’t been fully released…

…or so i assume as the population sign outside of lockhart hasn’t jumped yet, there is some data out there.

and the biggest jump seems to be mixed race folk.

not that we actually have a brand new crop of mixed race folk. and not that while people have been out there fucking everything (at least not in that sense of the word). no, this comes from an unusual source:

dna websites like “23 and me” and such.

the phrase “i identify as” has become so common amongst the lgbtqiawxyz crowd that it gets overused. you can identify as rich, but if you’re not the chances of you driving off a car lot with one of these is pretty slim…

but now folks who just thought they were all white have found out they’re 5% black, or 2% cherokee or whatever so they’re clinging to that and claiming to be mixed race.

(bet they don’t mention it if they get pulled over)

but now as purely white folk are somewhat demonized (especially by more liberal areas of our nation) it makes you feel better to say you’re not part of the oppressors, but more like one of the oppressed.

i’ve never thought of doing one of these for probably the most conspiracy theory sounding reasons out there – i don’t want my dna to be in some “private database” (there’s people that think these are all government run and i don’t know if they’re wrong.) but then again, according to the simpsons (i think), if you’ve ever handled a penny the government has your dna, so maybe i should buck up and check?

maybe it’ll effect how i fill out the census next time? i already marked two outta three in this house as mixed race last time, but that was actually legit. the white minority trend, i feel, is part of the uprising we’ve seen in the last few years – a total shit house panic as the scales swing the other way. it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in 2030.

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