rottweiler rehab – in more ways than one (a flashback)

the perfectly aged bit for today had been used, and i literally checked seven others, all had been used, before i found this one, so you get…

2021 note – this was written the weekend after he had surgery, right before his tenth birthday, do remove one of his front legs due to an aggressive cancerous tumor. they said he’d probably only get six months out of that, but he got just under eighteen. the weekend i had to deal with this my fiance, alexandra, decided to take a girl’s trip to NYC and leave me to deal with buffi, copper, and calum who was having to be taught to walk again (on three legs) and still weighed just under 100 pounds. i’d help him up and get moving with a towel under his ribs – they said him getting up on his own would take a week to ten days. doing it this way he was doing it on his own before the end of the weekend and greeted alex at the door when she got home. three weeks after this we split up.

05/07/2006: “tequila, the boy, and me makes three”

a sunday six pack needs to be up front here:

1. drunk people tend to repeat themselves.

2. i’ve never censored or edited what i put on here, and i don’t plan to start.

3. the good people at fat cow, my hosting folk, had server issues that kept the part of the site where i can add new material offline for most of the weekend, which is why i didn’t put anything new up yesterday – ’cause that’s when this one should have gone up…LATE yesterday, and the addition and re-titling of friday’s bit should have been done EARLY yesterday.

4. drunk people also tend to rant.

5. “the boy” mentioned in the title refers to calum, not some youngster, so don’t get the law involved. and the “me” refers to the guy who writes the page, and not the curvy latin hottie that comments on it every so often.

6. not only am i the “me” referenced in the title, but am also the referred to “drunk people” in numbers one and four of this list.

some of this looks an awful lot like the intro i also wrote yesterday to re-introduce the newly re titled bit from thursday. that being said, here’s the other stuff i wrote while my server was down and i couldn’t post live stuff yesterday:

“terrible” – that’s a bit harsh…

some of you might notice the title changed on the last bit…

…with good reason.

a few people pointed out that “terrible” would apply if certain death was the case.

it’s not.

calum and i have dealt with a lot. just the two of us. me & him. and the same team will deal with this mother’s day weekend. nobody else. just us.

and that’s for the better, i believe.

i’ll clear my schedule. get all the out of the house stuff done. basically, between 5:00 p.m. Friday and 6:00 a.m. Monday it’s just calum and me – the rest of the world doesn’t mean shit.

nobody will exist in our world but me & him – worked through the last ten years, and will work through the most difficult days of those ten years.

without exception.

no visitors. no guests. no drama. and most importantly, none of that “you love the dogs more that you love me” bullshit. no names mentioned on that last one – but it won’t be around. just me and my boy – and to hell with anyone that gets in our way.

i couldn’t be happier.

for ten years mother’s day weekend has been a downer for me – for the first time i consider it a positive. the spirit of liz lives in me and how i will treat my own after a harsh week – and the two of us will be just fine.

we’ll do pay-per-view. we’ll watch movies. and the mobile won’t be touched for forty-eight hours…

and to anyone that has issue with this? here’s some vaseline lip balm and some knee pads – you’ll need them to get comfortable for what you need to do…

…i’m just sayin’.

for the first time in my life every human i would count on to support me (emotionally) on mother’s day weekend isn’t around – and that’s okay. ’cause mom didn’t ever need anything except her boy…

…and this year, i got mine.

me and calum.

what else do i need?

leave your well wishes for him (or me) on the voicemail.

we might not be available. but rest assured – on the OTHER side of the weekend we’ll be fine.

we’re like that.

and no more need be said on the subject…

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read the #5 on the intro, dear…i know you’re there for me…as per usual. still love you. =)

sean said @ 05/08/2006 06:17 PM CST

I tried to call you back, but no answer. You called me8:36 am monday. As for no Human there for you, whatever.

ME said @ 05/08/2006 06:09 PM CST

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