KISS set a horrible precedent

never has a new announcement meant less to me…

…ICP is hanging it up. well, sorta.

they’re still gonna record. oh, and that annual “gathering of the juggalos” once watched over by the actual federal b.i.? yeah, that still happens. but they’re doing a “farewell tour” that will be the end of them touring. well, except of the gathering. oh, and their hallowicked annual show. and maybe a monthly show here or there. but otherwise no touring.


it’s just like kiss, who i believe did 17 farewell tour across four decades? and ozzy did a “no more tours” tour for his “no more tears” album, i saw him several tours (and several ozzfest shows) later, and then he did his supposed final tour, “no more tours 2”, and swore i’d hold out for san antonio date that now appears to never be happening.

in that regard, i wish ozz would take after kiss. or mötley crüe. i spent a good chunk on their “final tour” with some killer seats and merch and…oh look…then they scheduled a stadium tour a few years later with def leppard and poison.

super. so where you at, oz?

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