only fanning the flames…of justice?

i remember once going off on the UFC’s bank because the san marcos location claimed to be a “cashless branch”…

…which i informed them is like being a booze-free liquor store. it’s just shouldn’t exist. and the same could be said for a porn-free

i’ll admit, i’ve tried the site with mixed results. some accounts are great, some not. i never stick around too long, usually only joining when they run some special (my total investment in this project over the years is less than twenty bucks…total.) and they probably restrict content during the times they do that shit to try and get you hooked? i don’t know…i just eventually go back to the tried and true sites that are free anyway.

but onlyfans, who was all set to start turning away that poor nog rafee has now realized which side their bread is buttered on and reversed their stance.

apparently it was some leanings on from church groups (shock…gasp…shudder) to places like mastercard that had onlyfans ready to shit on their base revenue stream (that occasionally shits on each other quite literally, i’d guess) when the card processing giant threatened to pull out, as it were.

but all seems well now, probably due to some first amendment talk from lawyers and such. i guess we’ll see what the future holds for the porn business…shit, i’m in shock there’s still porn STORES. talk about a brick and mortar (god, i hope that’s mortar!) biz that went virtual a looooooong time ago!

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