should we brace ourselves?

the right wing folks have predicted many dates this year where some shit would hit the fan…

…and agent orange would be somehow reinstated as president. magically this hasn’t happened because of…well…reality. and the constitution. and…any way…let’s move on.

(which clearly they never will)

but today is the one day where folks thinking some shit might happen MIGHT be accurate. i mean, twenty five years ago this was basically my view…

i had worked a show the night before and while i always walked in and out of venues smoothly because i carried all the money and tickets and shit in something that looked like this:

before hauling shit back to the office i had to put it back in THEIR apparatus, which looked more like this:

so when i walked by the j.j. “jake” pickle federal building and saw all this odd activity and wandered onto the concourse to see what’s up, said office apparatus looked a bit more “bomb like” than the feds were comfortable with, hence…

so are you reading this early or late in the day? has some shit gone down? i’m at the shop for a fourteen hour day today, so i’ll be a bit insulated, or so i believe?

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