at least the camera folk agree with me

i’ve never been a huge olympic fan…

…and the current state of the world hasn’t changed that.

soccer, field hockey, swimming, shit – even adding skateboarding and such in to the mix hasn’t really drawn me in. yeah, american’s didn’t take a medal at skateboarding, but they also drug tested the team for weed…who the fuck was left? i wasn’t surprised we lost out there.

america has it’s sports it watches en masse – football, basketball, baseball, and to a degree, hockey. wander away from the big four and interest really starts to wane. you can build a giant stadium less than ten minutes from where i work and i could still give a shit about hockey.

(this actually happened – less than six minutes up the road from the shop they built…)

so it was nice to hear a cameraman, actually getting paid by the olympics, is just as bored as the rest of us with field hockey, and instead focused on this lil’ guy:

now, in the camera person’s defense, it’s not like there’s any other spectator’s to focus on. not because of CoVid, you understand, just because it’s olympic women’s field hockey.

he got in a bit of shit for this, but can you really blame him? i mean, let’s not mince words – this is the first time women’s field hockey has made this much news since…well…ever!

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