partisan darwinism

i read a great article about our governor in forbes yesterday…

…for those who haven’t kept up with roller douche let me summarize – as cases rise, delta spreads, and shit doesn’t just hit the fan, but coats the blades to the point of grinding them to a halt and burning up the motor that should be spinning them, he is reiterating his talking points that there will be no government mask mandates allowed nor implied because texans have “mastered the safe practices that help to prevent & avoid the spread of #COVID19”.

if you follow the red line you can see this “mastery” is leading to a nice fat spike in cases. these are predominantly non-vaccinated folk, who are predominantly good, “wholesome”, right wing religious types who typically vote…wait for it…republican.

so with a year and some change till re-election abbot is coddling his base to win again. but will they still be around in a year to pull that lever? i guess time will tell – i think a year from now “herd immunity” might not be a texas phrase reused, but “thinning the herd” might be a whole different story!

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