because “let it go” is too long to type?

people do love the fuck out of some lego shit…

…even when it ain’t real lego shit.

i have multiple watches. more than i should. i’ll own that. shit, i have some i haven’t worn in literally years and still won’t let go. some are worth thousands of dollars, even used. but the watch i get the most compliments on out of any of em?

and it costs under ten bucks pretty much everywhere.

i think it just takes folks back to their childhood. shit, when os was little he used to stick real legos to it and laugh his fool ass off. i originally saw it on black ink, paused the direct tv feed, got the brand, and went and found it. but it didn’t fit my wrist. i wrote the company to see if they had extra links. a few days later i woke to two emails:

1. one from the company in germany that did the watch, stating that extra links were only a dollar each. but shipping would be eight bucks, so i’d be looking at ten, like i’d paid for the watch.

2. one from amazon, stating that an item i’d recently bought had been marked down, which was THAT FUCKING WATCH, and was now only eight bucks. so i bought it in another colorway for the ufc, took out two links (since she has tiny wrists) so it fit her, and put them in mine, and we could both wear em (never at the same time).

if you look around these can be hand for under five bucks, even.

but the lego thing causing issues these days?

they did those orange things to make toy guns NOT look real, i guess they see it as bad if a real gun looks like a toy? am i the only one that thinks this is actually pretty cool save for me having to a glock again? i always end up getting tired of em and selling em…at least that’s how the last four left my possession.

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