i’d like to say i remember all this, but… (a throwback)

yeah, i wonder what the “retox” thing is…

07/29/2003: “intox, retox, but no detox (or botox)”

ah, the weekend. the problem being when you’re a bit down but know how to chemically alter that. sweet liquor does ease the pain, but it also can create some pain of it’s own. the run down…


poison: saba island teas for happy hour, captain n’ cokes at harold’s (with some smoking stuff thrown in along the way as well)

i don’t know why (well, actually i kinda do, but i won’t elaborate) but i so felt the need to get wasted on thursday that i actually made plans with two different people for the same time frame to get, ahem, “altered” (not meant in the garment sense of the word). and then made it to both places back to back…getting myself in a very bad place (condition wise) along the way. friday morning was foggy in more than one way. not cool.

night’s lesson: yes, i can get too fucked up for my own good. good to know. now, don’t do that ever again.


poison: double crown n’ cokes. lots of ’em. in pint-sized glasses.

pool & booze, baby. the friday tradition continues at bum’s billiards in san marcos…where they pour ’em strong (for us, at least) and you can even occasionally get a table. and a hug from the waitress. okay, maybe that last one can’t be had by just anybody…this night was kept reasonable by the 12:00 am cut off time for booze sales in san marcos.

night’s lesson: even drunk i can still whoop josh’s ass at pool…


poison: 151 punch on the river walk, a blue martini at azul, and a bit of the red smokage with some band i don’t know…now i understand why red and blue are battling colors in the l.a. gang scene.

so, the night started with dinner (the brit pub version of nachos on the river walk…i think the place was called mad dog’s; but it has a waitstaff that COULD be in sexxxy-ass outfits if only they didn’t over fill them) and drinks (the carb-diet-busting mix of two fruit juices and the bacardi equivalent of petrol, aka 151) and all was happy in a alcoholic haze kinda way. this was followed by martinis at azul, and the departure of my company (prior plans) so i could fumble my way back to my car (who knew river center mall had more than one parking garage?) and then it was off to my friend tiffany’s b-day bash at cafe revolucion. on the up side, no booze except beer, which i still don’t touch. so it was bottled water for me. cool. time to sober up before the ride home. until i ended up joining some of the band for an intermission. that’s when i think things got bad…

night’s lesson: trying to get out of downtown s.a. on a freeway sucks. but trying to get out of downtown s.a. on a freeway when you’re really fucking stoned REALLY FUCKING SUCKS. and when you call someone and leave them voicemail to that effect, it’s apparently also a good courtesy move to then call back and leave a second message letting them know you didn’t die. oops.


poison: something called “retox punch”. it’s green and has booze in it. i really should ask more questions before ingesting so much of something…

so, this was supposed to be drunken field day, but due to a pretty bad storm that hovered over the lake, attendance at the retox bar-b-que wasn’t quite what they expected (still around 50+ people). so, we all ate, and drank, but that was pretty much it. on the down side, next to no field day events. on the upside, one of the events that DID happen was bubbalicious bubble wrestling…which saw six girls in bikinis having a free-for-all wrestling match in a wading pool full of mr. bubble suds. tops became optional (and in one case, destroyed) pretty early on. count me in ANYTIME this crew throws a bash…

day’s/night’s lesson: again, i should really learn to ask more ingredients questions before i swig down mass quantities of a strange green fluid. live and learn, i suppose…

overall weekend moral? spending monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday sober ain’t a bad plan. but come next weekend, just knowing what’s on the horizon in my world, it will all be on again. and next week, there WILL be another “grill and be grilled” sunday. feel free to drop by…but call first.

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