i never knew what i was missing

i’ve lived at my house for almost forty-three years and we’ve never had a dishwasher…

…actually, that’s not true. we had one in the house when we moved in, but it broke and mom somehow got a used one (that i swear was older) and it went tits up soon after. why? because of drainage issues.

so the dishwasher in THIS house, for the majority of the time, has been me. and it’s my least favorite chore. seriously. so i was all about this idea of once we got the drains on the west side of the house worked out we’d add a dishwasher into the mix. and now we have.

and it hasn’t been turned on yet. THAT’S what i’ll consider the “moment of truth”.

i swear the one os and i hauled to the curb today is even older than my ancient ass.

we also added a garbage disposal into the mix. and have me curious to try an odd ebay venture (that’ll be a link if this happens). and it was a good thing we did all this because we discovered some serious drain issues and basically everything but the sink and faucet was redone from source to wall and back again.

we have turned the garbage disposal on just to marvel at how quiet it is, but haven’t tossed anything down it. honestly, i guess i’m glad we did this project? next “biggie” (hopefully under $2K) is tile in the showers. we’ll see where this all takes us, i suppose…

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