nary a crack nor a pop

“you can CRACK a joke”, “you can FIX a tire”, “you can POP a balloon”…

…”a chiropractor ADJUSTS”

this was on a poster over the table i was on the other day, and the fact that the “…joke” part contained a pic of a mime tells me this guy grew up WAY too close to canada!

but yeah, i’m now two appointments and sixty-five bucks into my chiropractic experience and i feel…basically the same.

i did feel a bit of a difference the day of the adjustment, though.

i was told my a co-worker that it’s not a miracle cure and takes some time, but to be patient and that if they feel they can help they will, but if they think they can’t they’ll tell me. i honestly expected the x-rays to turn up cancer or bone issues or something but apparently not, just some discs that are thinner than they should be (which given my past back issues and weight issues is no real shock) and my hips are off by 1cm or so and between the discs and the hip a nerve is getting pinched and that, apparently, is the source of the leg crap i’ve dealt with for the last year or so.

so all is not lost, apparently.

right after the adjustment i felt like a hundred bucks – i felt a bit straighter, a bit more “aligned”. my leg was noticeably in less pain, but that was no big shock. it seems like the discomfort level had nose-dived since i made the appointment. i didn’t put it off for any real reasons, they just have odd hours and i seemed to always call outside of them.

the initial visit you sit, tell him what ails you, and get x-rays did. cost (due to a card i received from a friend) was only twenty bucks. that was last tuesday. they set up my first adjustment visit for thursday (two days later) because they’re closed all this week while the chiropractor is on vacation. that appointment was two halves – the adjustment half (where apparently everything is “moveable” in the right ways) and then the roller massage table (which he said it hurts his feelings if you say that’s your preferred half, but honestly it wasn’t). we then set me up with another adjustment visit for the wednesday before my birfmas and i paid another forty-five bucks.

i felt a difference for about an hour after, and from what i’m told the “relief period” extends with each subsequent visit. i guess we’ll see where this takes us. i can swing forty-five a week to see if it helps shit out.

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