truck-a-saurus will have a new home!

i might regret saying this later this summer, but i agree with what my buddy coop said yesterday when he stepped in to get tattooed…

“…i am sooo over this rain!”

look, i know the summers here are brutal and hot and suck. i get that. and we typically start with a good amount of rain. i can remember the first memorial day i spent with the ufc and her kid they had to come down here and pick me up because grey was hydro-locked due to airport blvd being flooded.

i almost lost him.

but we’ve been going through this since we first tried to start this plumbing shit, which oddly enough was SUPPOSED to be the previous week, and probably would have actually been a five day project if it had started on time. but i was casual about allowing them to postpone shit and we saw how that turned out. my back yard is still a bog, and a good portion of the front is, too. it’s only through strenuous spraying for mosquitoes from the ufc that our entire property isn’t a government sanctioned malaria containment center.

i joked with coop after he made that comment that i might have to start renting out my backyard for monster truck pulls.

looking at the weather prediction for the next ten days (all of which show rain) that might just fucking happen!

at least the last of the plumbers projects should be next week and WILL be indoors!

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