the drain refrain (part iv)

the hardest part of doing these bits is coming up with stuff that rhymes with “drain”…

…the content just keeps writing itself.

we have now closed out day fifteen of our “five day plumbing project”, and day sixteen would be tomorrow. on day fourteen (last thursday) i cut down the four foot “smoke stacks” in our front yard left over from when we passed inspection (on day seven of five, when i was told this would be done by them that day) and bought the stuff to make them proper clean outs, doing all the plumbing myself. that same day i thought we were gonna have a confrontation when os announced “the plumbers are here” but it turns out this was some guys he called in to replace the demolished part of my sidewalk and cement up the slab. this was supposed to be done AFTER everything else. my yard is still trashed. i did the clean outs AND the vent for the pump that’s not even properly buried.

refer back to my “if he thinks he’s getting the full $9200 i owe him…” statement.

friday morning, as i was barely waking up, the ufc came and announced to me that hector (the actual plumber) was in our yard. we spoke. i never raised my voice. i never cursed. but i let him know how the lack of communication was unacceptable. so, there was maybe, MAYBE, a couple of “fucks” thrown in for good measure. but when all was said and done, he and his crew got everything about as right as i figure it’s gonna get (for now) and we came to an agreement on a number we can both live with that i’m giving him on wednesday.

so i think this project is officially done…but we now need a dishwasher and garbage disposal, but that will be forthcoming.

for now, i’d like to get my yard looking like a yard again, and possibly even mow it!

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