now we just need to fix that sunday shit

one positive thing about this pandemic bullshit…

…texans could finally take booze to go from restaurants.

and now it’s that way to stay!

in one of what i’m sure will be many “i’m still cool, so please reelect me!” moves, the texas governor has signed a bill into law allowing restaurants to sell liquor to go, making take-out night covid-fun forever.

it’s about fucking time.

now we just need to fix that sunday shit. not only can liquor stores not even open on sunday, but if you go to a restaurant there can’t be JUST booze on your table before noon. it has to accompany some kind of food. that’s why if you go to a mexican restaurant while the majority of folks are still at mass they set chips on your table before your waitress even appears. chips are food. they can now tell you what the beer and margarita specials are…as long as it’s after 10am. before that it can’t happen.

welcome to texas’ prohibition leftover bullshit.

now a bill IS in committee that will change that. but it hasn’t passed yet. hey roller gov, you wanna REALLY make us happy? give us the ability to hit the liquor store on sunday.

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