i guess it’s really that bad?

in a way, i get it…

…and in a way, i don’t.

we’ve all become addicted to our screen devices, but there is hope. like the people that switched to gum or whatever after they smoke so they can still have something in their mouth, there are now folks that will let you hold something in your hand. they borrowed their packaging layout from the RXbar folk:

and inside is a simple hunk of plastic that is the weight and size of a smartphone…

you do get what you pay for, which in this case is under fifteen bucks off amazon, and while your new iSecurityBlanket may lack in some features, it does have one that most major manufacturers have tried to mimic unsuccessfully for years:

and while you might be thinking you’ve now seen it all, keep in mind conquering addiction is a step-by-step process, and holding one of these bad boys is just a step in the process. from there you can always knock it down another notch:

which the wall street journal summed up best in their product review:

“it’s literally a bag of air with nothing else in it”

so how much is that? i couldn’t tell you, but i can tell you that the reviews on amazon are worth browsing.

now put down your fucking phone and move on with your life!

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