that ship has sailed

i will openly admit i am not proud of that title given the topic at hand…

…but so it goes.

with age and experience should (and i say “should” because i know plenty of folks that it doesn’t apply to) come the knowledge that as time marches on certain shit no longer flies. in my family this was more apparent because of the age separation of the generations. my grandmother was born in 1907 but didn’t have my mom till she was 33 in 1940. likewise, mom had me just before she turned 31 in 1971. with gaps that large and the movement of civil rights and social change during the twentieth and now twentieth centuries the lines moved a LOT on what is socially acceptable.

so when a new edutainment game came out to teach about a darker period in history (yes, i did that on purpose) it sunk like a leg iron in sea (okay, i might have wrung the sponge dry on that one). i’ll just let the trailer for the game carry the bit for a second…

while the whole thing is pretty much wholly offensive it’s the part nicknamed “slave tetris” that really got this game some attention. to say the optics on this are bad is an understatement, which is all the more highlighted by the development of the game in a country that had a little something to do with the initial problem.

while they tried to say it wasn’t developed for the american market, who the fuck are they bullshitting? i mean, i know we’re not the only country to participate in this, but there’s no way to walk this back – just owned that you fucked up and move on not being so ignorant.

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