four post zombie jesus fishes

the catholic church has come under a lot of fire lately for that whole “diddlin’ the kids” thing, but they have provided some good to the world…

…fish sandwiches!

doubt me? next time we hit ash wednesday, the start of lent, where catholic folk literally “give ‘it’ up to god”, with “it” being some kind of vice, and they’re forced to consume a lot more fish, every fast food outlet suddenly has a fish sandwich combo. then we hit easter, and they all go away…

…but the 2020’s have not been typical years, and this year we still have a lot of options on this little light lunch delicacy, so i thought i’d taste a few and review em…

what – filet-o-fish
where – mcdonald’s
when – year round

the o.g.. anybody that enjoys fish sandwiches has had one, and as long as yours clears this one in taste (not a tough bar to clear) you’re usually pretty good. it’s the baseline. but then there’s…

what – alaskan cod sandwich
where – golden chick
when – “limited time”

this one had an odd smell to it in the car on the ride home but the flavor didn’t reflect it. if this was year round it would get me to golden chick in the summer – it’s lighter than it looks with good beer batter flavor. it kinda reminds me of eating one at that place in port a you have to get to by driving in the sand, which i forget the name of but kramer probably knows.

(the beach lodge, i believe it is)

what – what-a-catch
where – what-a-burger
when – year round

flavor wise this is about a notch and half above the mcdonald’s offering, and about a notch and half below the golden chick one, and i even let this one cheat. by that, i mean we order off the what-a-burger app so i added cheese, ditched the tomato, and even did it on a brioche bun (i tried it toasted the next time, but they just burnt the fuck out of it so all i could taste was the burnt).

what – cajun flounder sandwich
where – popeye’s
when – limited time

by far the best of the bunch – good flavor, good texture, and good kick. if you’ve had their chicken sandwich and enjoyed it, and like a good fish sandwich, this is for you. both those fit me, and i’d rank this the best by far. enjoy it while it’s still here, although given what happened the last time popeye’s discontinued a sandwich, this might be here to stay!

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