rona rona jabby jabby

my title tonight comes somewhat courtesy of my wife…

…she grew up in the little nevada burg of las vegas and refers to certain areas (including one i dragged her to) as “stabby stabby vegas”. considering the vaccine has been referred to as “the jab” by some media outlets i figure it fit.

allow me to explain…

…JAB’s mom, now in semi-retirement age, decided to embark on a second career as a pharmacy technician at wal-mart. when the ufc was out there the other day she approached her and asked if she had been vaccinated yet, explaining they had one vaccine dose left that had been pulled out (i.e. taken out of the sub-zero container they’re kept in) and the appointment hadn’t showed so they could either use it on SOMEBODY, or lose it. literally. so, the ufc got her first moderna vaccine, unplanned and unscheduled.

and i was happy.

she has some preexisting stuff that makes her a bit susceptible, and we’ll be on a plane soon enough, and i’d rather her feel okay about it, so this works out awesome. but while she told me the story the day it happened, i also heard her recalling it to a friend on the phone and that prompted me, just for shits and giggles, to see if i could get in but i had one stipulation – if i was gonna get my first vaccination since the 1980’s i wanted the johnson & johnson, one and done variety. i figure i’ve never heard of moderna, and i only think of fucking when it comes to pfizer (the makers of viagra) but i’ve been forced to use j&j stuff my whole life, so i trusted it a bit more. sure enough – a two minute online check yielded an appointment the next day at a pharmacy three minutes from the house.

one and one.

the ufc has only had shot one of the moderna, and said the only had some light brain fog day of but some pretty pronounced arm soreness around the injection site for a couple days after. i, likewise, i had some mild brain fog day of (think “had a drink at lunch on an empty stomach” kinda vibe) and some arm soreness when i woke up in the middle of the night to pee a couple nights later, but it was fine the rest of the day which makes me think maybe i was just sleeping weird. i’d heard the moderna gets you on the first more than the second, pfizer is the opposite, but a co-worker had an issue on the second moderna. the ufc has already scheduled a day or two off after her second to play it safe.

i was one and done – i’m good.

so, if you’ve been thinking of doing it and been spooked, don’t be. the side effects we’ve had have been minor, and when bill gates ends up at your house he’s actually kinda fun to chill with for a bit.

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