off we go (soonish)

so i screwed around too long and didn’t get on the passport thing fast enough…

…although, in my defense, ‘rona.

so i didn’t think any other country would allow us to fly in. turns out ireland will, but as of april 21st they are red flagged for CoVid issues by the US State Department so i’m not sure if they “let” you fly there. even if they do, the fact the government feels the need to flag them thusly would indicate to me the ufc would be hella uncomfortable and that’s not cool.

cuba has a million hoops you have to jump through AND, thanks to Da Rona, you have to get tested, then get quarantined for five days, THEN get tested again. so if you book seven days in there, you’ll only REALLY be doing shit for two days.

not cool.

then i’d looked into a NOLA/Vegas split but as we’ve gone to NOLA more recently i just decided to book shit for vegas. the only downside to traveling for your birfmas in june is the heat factor and i decided i’d rather have dry desert heat rather than drippy swamp heat. plus, the ufc has friends she hasn’t seen in about five years, so it makes sense to do it.

the main reason i like NOLA is my friends there any way, so i just invited em to join in vegas. a few other too. if you know me personally, and have my numbers, feel free to text and i’ll get you the info to join as well. if you wanna hang and don’t wanna travel time zones i’ll be doing a birthday happy hour at the usual spot from 3-8 on the actual day, so feel free to join there.

i figure i only turn fifty once, we might as well make it a thing, right?

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