off we go 2 (i didn’t know they could do that)

so, last night i got some emails about our trip

…which i didn’t know could happen.

i’m used to seeing flights changed because of various reasons. bad weather at the airport you’re leaving. bad weather at the airport you’re heading to. problems with the plane. other nefarious bullshit. but all this happens the day of, or maybe the day before. when it’s crunch time but we can see shit’s not ideal.

our flight is still six weeks off. so why the fuck have they suddenly changed our flight times with no rhyme or reason to it other than, “hey, look what we just did!”.

fortunately we hadn’t rented a car or paid for an early check in or anything, but why did it happen? i’ll say this – historically southwest airlines picks up the phone pretty fucking quickly, so i might just have to call them and see what’s going on. we were flying back a little later than i wanted to and now it’s pushed even further back. we were flying out at what i considered just about the perfect time and now it’ll be two hours later.

i wonder if more changes are to come?

i’ll say this – i took the “lowest price” they offered for the flight on the airlines app, maybe there was some clause in there i didn’t know about saying, “and we can fuck with your itinerary any way we see fit”?

i’m sure kramer knows what’s up…he used to fly a LOT.

i beat em at their own game, though – when i was researching this i looked to find both the flight i originally signed up for (outgoing) and the one they put me on aren’t there…and the ones that ARE there? are $650 EACH one way. i paid under $550 for both round trip, and that was without some email alert sale bullshit. and when i checked the return flight the return i booked was gone, but the later one they put me on was there as was a new one at 5pm that gets us home around ten versus midnight, so i went ahead and signed us up for that bad boy and i feel like we won since now we don’t have to kill off as much of a wednesday and we’ll get home before 11pm!

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