not sure if i can be chill with a ten footer

i’d never heard the expression until yesterday, but once i did it totally made sense…

…doing something to your car that looks sharp…from ten feet. but up close? not so much.

i’ve been wanting to black out my window trim forever. to do it “properly” (i.e. swap out the actual bright trim for the bmw black version) can cost $400-$1000 for parts alone. i, after the fact, found out they sell pre-cut overlay (i.e. stickers) for $50 but i’d already dropped $40 on uncut vehicle wrap which i figured was probably better quality stuff…but it is illustrating why the wrap guy i know charges so much for this kinda job.

here’s the difference of me doing one of eight pieces that needed to be done black with vehicle wrap. it took over an hour for that one piece, and looks great…from about ten feet. if you got up on it you’d see that there were a couple places the plastic razor (i was scared to use metal due to all the rubber seals for the window) rippled the wrap of cut a bit off so chrome showed or whatever. so i knew i was looking at about ten hours all in because the front got infinitely more complicated due to the front mirrors. to show how much this whole thing spooked me in the sense that i might fuck up something easily doubling (or more) the cost of this project with replacing window seals and shit i took the pic above, and then did one other piece, back around THANKSGIVING. at that point everybody talked about my bad-ass blacked out beamer…but even in pics like this:

all i can see is shiny window trim. so, the ufc split the cost of a used set of trim back around xmas with me, and it promptly sat for various reasons until last week when i finally did the back parts, but was still a bit gun shy about doing the front because of the mirrors. i finally bit the bullet and we got…

so now we cool…on the outside. what to black out on the inside?

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