every now and again i miss hockey (a throwback)

for some of you the weekend is just beginning…

…but nineteen years ago, it was just ending.

(and in my odd world today is actually tuesday, but never mind that now)

04/22/2002: “a not so happy ending…”

a sunday night hockey game, followed by a drink or two with your buddy josh. not a bad way to wrap up a not so pleasant, long-ass, work-filled weekend. but then comes the ride home….

the screech of brakes. the crash. the sound of shattering glass and crunching metal. the smell of hot auto fluids hitting the asphalt. the smell of some of YOUR fluids hitting the floorboard. the darkness that seems like only milliseconds but is in fact half an hour broken by the blinding light of a state troopers mag-lite shining through your half-shattered windshield as he screams at you, “just relax…we’ll have you out in a minute!!!”. more troopers. sheriffs. sirens and paramedics followed by that echoing chain-saw sound of the jaws of life being fired up; through the colored emergency lights you see the starflite helicopter landing in the road as your world goes dark again….

see, i could write dramatic novels if i wanted to….that’s what i SAW going home sunday night. SO glad that wasn’t me. i had a lick or two of the mountie boot leather (i.e. crown and coke…don’t get me wrong; tastes MUCH better when your drink it, but that morning after, if you’ve had too much of it…), and josh had the number 7 combo (old number seven actually…i.e. jack and coke) but a stop by whataburger and we were fine. nothing absorbs booze quite like whataburger. i think they actually test their food in labs and then stay open 24/7 JUST for that purpose.

DAMN, what a game. the referees had extra doses of crack before hitting the ice, so the calls sucked (one in particular i’m hoping had the police escort him to his vehicle…otherwise, i’d look for him on a milk carton near you…hockey fans DON’T fuck around), and the memphis hillbillies (not their mascot or team name…just an observation) play some thugged-out hockey (saw more fights tonight then i’ve seen all season COMBINED); but the series is now tied at one each, and it’s off to elvis country they go for games three through five. i hope they come back for at least one more game here, provided it’s as fun as tonight…and as violent.

hey…don’t judge me….why does ANYBODY go to hockey games?

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“hey…don’t judge me….why does ANYBODY go to hockey games? ”

I hate when fights are broken up by actual game play.

Topenga said @ 04/23/2002 04:25 PM GMT

i’m all envious of everyone that has these nifty comment boxes on their blogs.

just thought i’d mention it.;)


Feith said @ 04/22/2002 10:07 PM GMT

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