to become a crack head or not – that’s the question

well, it might be time for me to experiment…

…i’m getting older.

time to try new things, right?

i think i might have to check out chiropractic care. i’ve had this pain in my hip/thigh for months now, and it seems to only be getting worse. i don’t know if it’s the way i sit or stand or what that irritates it but it gets irritated often and gets kinda pissy when it does.

i’ve tried various stretches, yoga, and even soaking in hot water baths and nada. the ufc argues that i don’t try any one thing long enough, and she might be right, but everything doctor google tells me says it could be a hip “out of alignment” and that in extreme prolonged cases chiropractic care can fix it. a good friend tossed a gift card my way that covers the preliminary visit and x-ray and shit and i think i might just have to go for it.

i figure worse case scenario they find the source of the pain is a massive tumor or something they can’t do shit with. best case i walk out pain free after a few sessions? or at least in LESS pain? i figure this doesn’t end my moratorium on doctors since a chiropractor spent as much time in real medical school as dr. dre did…

(and given the date, before anybody throws it out there, yeah i’ve tried THAT too and it doesn’t take away the pain, just makes me not give a shit about it!)

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