i got three nuts! (a bonus whiskey wednesday bit)

so a while back my buddy gary turned me on to this…

it’s a peanut butter whiskey. the name didn’t make a lot of sense. it was decent whiskey with a nice peanut butter after taste. i like it for a shot, could never DREAM of sipping it. but sometimes i get in the mood for it, and i couldn’t bring myself to buy a whole bottle yet, so i usually just buy the little “airplane bottles” for three bucks each. but on my last liquor store run where i was “feeling nutty” i also saw this was a thing:

you’ll notice the top is labeled “extra nutty” and they aren’t kidding. while the screwball has more of a peanut butter after taste, this one has a straight roasted peanut aftertaste. and when i went to get little sampler bottles of both i noticed there was a third in the mix…

and while i typically avoid any liquor with the word “blind” in the title since shitty hooch can do that to ya, i decided to go for it for compare and contrast purposes and it turns out to be the happy medium. it’s nutty and peanut buttery all at the same time.

they all have the same basic description – “whiskey with caramel color and peanut butter flavor added, 35% alcohol by volume”. but the tastes are slightly different…but seriously, only slightly.

and we’ll end whiskey wednesday for 2021 on this nutty note!

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