how is this a thing? (part i)

i still don’t get it…

…i’m gonna be FIFTY in a couple months? fifty? really?

how the fuck did i do this?

that’s what i keep asking myself, but in reality it’s kind of a stupid question. while i don’t eat great, i don’t eat like shit either. i smoke way less cigars since i don’t live alone, and i’ve still never smoked a cigarette. i drink a bit more, but still keep that fairly in check. and it’s not like i’m out doing some death-defying x-games style shit as a hobby. yeah, i still hop on a board or a bike every now and again (i really should be doing that more often, to be honest) but i’ve always had a conservative streak when it comes to how far i push that shit which has pretty much kept me injury free.

a few things i’ve never done, and feel safe saying i won’t do, before i turn fifty (but in my twenties i’d have expected these to have happened):

smoked a cigarette
broken a bone
been arrested
been shot or stabbed
gotten somebody pregnant
more than just literally “set foot” in mexico

(yeah, there are six, but it ain’t sunday so i didn’t label it that way)

i also never woulda expected to have outlived some of my crew at this point – rip brandon and john mark. i fully expect to, when all is said and done, outlive most of my crew honestly at this point. but i guess we’ll see. shit, maybe i won’t even make it the next nine weeks and some change…

…but if i do, vegas, baby! flight’s already booked!

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