shameful state story

i’m typically a very proud texan…

…but not so much on this one.

to help promote more healthy living, and because the beef industry, and the meat industry in general, does have more than a wee bit of environmental impact, the colorado governor recently instituted a “meat out day” where people would abstain from eating meat in order to help mother earth and mother’s waistline.

when this was done to help the war effort in world war ii it was seen as patriotic, but of course now, thanks to social media, it’s infringing on our freedom.

that being said, the biggest meat producing state in the union is the one i call home. i even live in the bar-b-que capital of texas. so why the fuck did roller gov not do shit and let fucking nebraska be the state to counter balance this with a meat holiday?

i swear, some days i wonder what part of canada our legislators were born in…

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