frijoles = free press coverage?

the pandemic has, on some occasions, brought out the best in people…

…i’m just not sure THIS is one of those occasions.

(and i am VERY fucking sure that’s a misuse of the word “hero”)

it’s cool how the ‘rona has brought out the best in some people, but this one to me was just strange. faced with tough pandemic fueled times, a california mexican joint had an unusual ally do an unusual thing – sit in a tub of bean dip for twenty four hours to help save their restaurant.

so this guy sat in a wading pool of bean dip in front of the restaurant, sending it out on all his social media platforms, to draw attention to his favorite struggling mexican food spot since his youth. that’s kinda cool, but i’m sure there were better ways to do this. at one point he had a tattoo artist come out and tattoo the restaurant’s logo on his arm and midway through, musician lana del rey appeared and actually tweeted a pic along side him while he was mid tattoo…

did it accomplish what he wanted? helping a taco spot in the struggling cali economy? (california, and l.a. in particular, have been super locked down for the better part of the last year) – well, i wrote about it. and several other people did too. so hopefully it got the joint and it’s current take-out only status a little extra financial assistance.

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