balls out (a throwback)

and now let’s never speak of it again…

03/25/2003: “jackass, grilled cheese, and tryptophan”

okay, first off, learn from my mistakes. not all of them, which would be too many to list, but the most recent…if you’re tired, and you have no inspiration or motivation to do jack shit, taking advantage of the carved turkey dinner in the deli is a bad move. i’m only half way through, and i can’t believe i’m still awake. is there a corporate nap time policy i should be made aware of? but, i digress…

the reason i’m so tired? post jackass drinking and pool (much more pool than drinking…plus, i got a wild hair and ordered the grilled cheese from buffalo billiards which may be the best grilled cheese ever conceived by man.) i don’t recall losing a game all night, so the billiards portion was a success.

but the jackass portion? not so much…

two of the guys were there…ryan dunn and steve o. i wanted to see steve o so i could see if the all over back tattoo he has in the movie (a portrait of his own face with ‘fuck yeah, i rock’ underneath it). that’s real. but while certain stage shows should NEVER be made into movies or tv shows, so should certain tv shows and movies go the other way. jackass is best viewed from a distance. if for no other reason than the rabid jackass fans.

i don’t mean to talk down about people (that would be a new one for me, wouldn’t it?) but if there was a MENSA meeting in austin last night, the jackass boys coming to town had NO effect on their attendance. i’ve never really watched the show, and when i went to the movie i kinda wondered what i was doing…but by the end of it, i was having a good time. did i start watching the show afterwards? no. hell, i don’t even know when it’s on. i’d caught a bit here or there, but haven’t ever sat down and watched a whole episode, and kinda doubt i ever will. but live it was just BAD.

puking. slicing open your tongue. not much to write home (or here) about. now, steve o setting his head on fire and letting ryan blow a fireball off his head was pretty cool. as was the stage dive race, and the obnoxious jerk in the front row getting pulled on stage and then they asked for a volunteer to come kick him in the nuts. but overall, not a whole lot going on. slow pace to the show, too. normally i would think it was me, and maybe i was getting a bit old or mature or whatever, but i went with two die-hard jackass fans (one of which was josh) and they both said if they had had to PAY to get in, they would have been pissed. so there ya go. i’m not old…i’m just not THAT fucking stupid. at least when it comes to jackass.

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