yahoo boys (that don’t look like joe bob briggs)

i’d never heard the term “yahoo boys” before…

…and they sure as fuck don’t look like i expected!

who knew all this was a thing?

we’ve all gotten the nigerian emails. shit, i’ve done bits about them. what i DIDN’T know was that they have two categories of people that they figure will see their shit – folks like you and me, which spot it for what it is, mumble to ourselves, “fuck all that” and move on after deleting. they COUNT on that shit. the way they see it is if you’re stupid enough to fall for it you kinda get what you deserve. and if you’re smart enough to see the initial emails for what they are you’re too smart for them to waste their time on trying to convince you that no, you really did win the lotto in zamunda. it’s a whole criminal subculture lifestyle to them, kinda like gansta rappers are here. except where american rappers rap about moving drugs and guns and bitches and bling and shit they rap about getting money off your ignorant grandmother (seriously!)

deplorable? sure – but they do live in a country where most citizens live below a poverty line we can’t even imagine and there’s not a lot of upward economic mobility opportunities, so it’s a whole different economy. wealth has to be imported from those stupid enough to fall for that kinda shit. and there they are.

i’ve read a few different articles about this since i stumbled across the initial one and it’s actually pretty fascinating shit. and law enforcement in that part of the world can be bought a shit load easier than it can here (hard to imagine, but true) so it’s not going away anytime soon…see your inbox for more details!

i sent these motherfuckers all my credit card info to see if the numbers were lucky and all i won was a bunch of bullshit charges i didn’t make…guess they weren’t luck after all?

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