the week that wasn’t…and that’s okay

i was surprised at what i heard on a few news shows this week…

…but then again, i wasn’t.

it was reporters lamenting, but not really, that there really wasn’t a whole lot to report. yeah, the ‘rona is still a thing, and vaccines are kinda rolling out, and there’s a new president who is, rather unsurprisingly, rolling back a lot of what the previous one did since it was predominantly done by executive order versus the normal congressional way.

but really, there were no new bomb shells. nothing controversial. it was just…normal. and they looked a little upset. i believe the modern media, over the last four years, might have become somewhat of adrenaline junkies who now find they won’t get their fix.

i hope they get used to it.

all my formally chest thumping MAGA friends just bitched about social media censorship because they my pillow guy had his twitter wrangled. what’s sad is they SHOULD have done this kinda shit years ago and didn’t, so now they’re going a bit overboard trying to make up for lost time. but when your weekly martyr is that marty-huggins-looking-motherfucker who makes fucking pillows then you have officially hit rock bottom on your political hero worship.

(and i guarantee…guaran-fucking-tee…NONE of my friends own one of his gotdamn pillows)

i for one don’t miss the ego, the insanity, or the bullshit. and we all know this is just for one term. the pendulum WILL swing back the other way. it always does. we might…and that’s a big MIGHT…pull off a double where a different democrat is elected in 2024. maybe. but at aged eighty-something at that point i don’t see it being biden. and i don’t know if harris would take it. but we’ll see. i never woulda guessed the guy at the front of the trump mob was a fed snitch, but when the focus ain’t the giant cheeto in the white house i guess the other idiots get their fifteen minutes for a change?

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