fuck yeah!

“well, mom, there are literally billions of songs in the world but we all have our favorite tune, don’t we?”

that was my answer to my mom when she asked why, with my intellect and vocabulary and verbal ability i had to “lower myself” to “sound so common” as to use the word “fuck”. often. see, mom never used that word, unless it was in a particular sentence that always started with my name, and was roughly structured like this:

“sean, we do NOT say…”, [followed by whatever i said that contained said expletive, followed by whatever circumstance made it even more appropriate than normal, resulting in me needing to be talked to]

for example…

“sean, we do not say ‘fuck all this shit’ in CHURCH!”

as a teenager it was just more fun. i had already parted ways with religion so the years of christian guilt instilled in me over my childhood was already starting melt away so i really could give two shits what “society” thought of when and where i said “the f word”. in contrast, i always told mom i thought cursing made me MORE intelligent, because it showed more verbal flexibility without societal limitations.

and now cnn agrees with me. mom would be so proud!

the article list five ways (supposedly) foul language can be good for you, including pain tolerance (just step into one of our shops on a saturday), and honesty (i’ll trust somebody that yells “FUCK!” more than somebody that yells “FRICK” any day. we all know what you meant, so the fuck were you trying to impress?)

they also say it’s a sign of creativity. read my url, then ready my shit – obviously i’m not disagreeing with that one!

so stop stifling your natural verbal proclivities. the way i see it, the brain is like a muscle – if you don’t allow it to enjoy it’s full range of motion you risk injury. nobody yells “fudge” when something drops on their toe unless they’re in a candy store and it’s literally a brick of fudge. and if you say, “no, that’s natural for us good christian folk” then you are fucking full of shit. don’t deny nature. if you go off the “he made everything” principle god created the word “fuck”, too.

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