i trust our tattoo clients more than the gubmint

so, a few of you may remember i jumped thru some hoops recently to renew my driver’s license…

…and a lot of good that did me. i mean, i had it (or at least a paper copy of it) for the refi on the house, which was the primary purpose of doing all that shit, but now i have fuck all. the lady behind the counter told me that i’d have it “within ten days to two weeks” but numerous clients that have presented paper licenses to me at the shop have told tales of waiting up to three to four MONTHS and they’re still waiting. and that wasn’t back when offices were pretty much closed, this was in fucking december!

wonder who i should trust?

***UPDATE*** – so, i started this bit on friday, which was exactly two calendar weeks from when i went to the state office, but if you factor in that they’re closed weekends AND we had a state holiday (MLK Day) thrown into the mix, YESTERDAY would be exactly two weeks, and it came in yesterday’s mail. so, there we are. trust the government. she how shit gets upright from the top down with that shit?

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