the non-funkadelic one

today we start our first, full, trump-free week, presidentially speaking…

…the sun seems a little brighter, don’t it? although some people never use it:

(yep – can’t unsee that shit. 100% pure nightmare fuel)

while i was watching the festivities on wednesday, reeeeaaaalllly hoping to not hear a shot ring out, i noticed the ticker about the performances that night. jon bon jovi, but now performing under his real name (bongovi? bionasty? i don’t recall) and john legend and the foo fighters, plus more, all hosted by lovable actor and the 50th president of the united states, tom hanks.

how did the music list get so diverse? partially biden, partially clinton. and not hillary.

i still remember when bill clinton appeared on arsenio hall. i didn’t vote for him that time around, but that was family influence. my whole family was republican (not that they’re now democrat, just dead, hence the “was”). there was much talk about how that wasn’t dignified, or presidential, and so i ended up voting bush in 1992. yeah, i said it. plus, he was kind of a fellow texan. i mean yeah, he wasn’t born here. but neither was anybody else sitting at that family table that sunday afternoon except for me and teri and she couldn’t vote yet.

i would later realize it’s better to vote for YOUR, not your family’s, point of view. voted clinton in ’96. for anybody curious, it was then w in 00 (more against tipper gore being first lady than “for” w), then legitimately for w in 04, then mccain in 08 (i’d told him i would when he was on a radio program i did back in the 90’s), then obama in 12, then clinton in 16 (again, more AGAINST trump then “for…”) and biden in 20 (see previous “more AGAINST…” note).

but i digress…

bill clinton, possibly without realizing it, brought pop music more into the political arena that day than i think anybody else. sure, he later showed his age and race when he resurrected the sleeping dinosaur of fleetwood mac for his campaign song (sparking their ultimate reunion and subsequent tours) but after that it was all about getting the bigger names to sing for you, or at least have them not sue you for using their shit because they REALLY don’t like you.

but now being at the presidential event, especially when it symbolizes a regime we all wanted to see die (well, i did) is a very post-worthy thing. and now we begin to heal while we count the likes and bernie memes…

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