smoke em ’cause i got em

one positive about november…

…i smoked more cigars during the month of november than the rest of 2020 combined.

two. i smoked two.

it was nice to get back into it AND to discover the contents of my humidor. one of the things that’s fallen by the wayside since i got married is the cigar thing. i don’t smoke indoors (although the UFC says she doesn’t mind if i do) so i don’t tend to buy nearly as many as i used to. and the ones i do? just sit in the humidor and age. typically i only buy when one of the few sites i’ve ordered from has a sale in one of the thirteen emails they EACH send my EVERY FUCKING DAY that gets my attention. one of the following three words is in every one i end up ordering from:

2. acid
3. Vintage

that’s how shane ended up with an arturo fuente hemmingway short story and watts ended up with an acid something or other. both had cigars they liked, both had good quality smokes, and both came from samplers i got emailed about and ordered.

my humidor, at this point, is pretty much all fuente, acid, and shit that dates back to the 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s. the only problem with the last part is i don’t actually know the dates on some of them. most of them, because of their limited quantities (the two things they aren’t making any more of is land and time, and the latter effects these) and my limited smoking aren’t online any more. so, for example, i know some of the ones i have are from the 80’s – but which ones? they only label them “vintage” at some of these places, and while the ad had the year the ad isn’t in my humidor…just the smokes, and the year isn’t on the band because they were made to be smoked back then.

i tend to get them in bundles of ten when they go on flash sale for around fifty bucks or so. i figure a good cigar at five bucks is a good deal. on the site normally they’re around double that.

i might have to research and label in the near future…wouldn’t my librarian mother be proud?

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