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so, there actually WAS a perfectly aged bit from today…

…but it was built around a broken link that’s now just a way to book hotels in mainland china, so you get this rambling piece of fluff i randomly picked:

everybody’s working for the weekend

by sean ~ May 17th, 2004. Filed under: Uncategorized.

the weekend – four bottles of crown and a wedding. and boat loads of dead crustaceans. and a speed date with a stripper. where to begin?

we left off at friday, right? me – shit-faced with harold watching the spurs lose to the lakers just barely??? (nothing compared to the beating they took this weekend, but never mind that now). yeah – let’s blame that one on the spurs. thursday was because of the spurs.

so that excuses that one, right? okay…

then came friday. after thursday, i was SO not drinking on friday – but then came the email announcing the birthday shindig for matt and neal. but it was all down in the warehouse district, where drinks tend to be RIDICULOUSLY expensive – so i knew i wouldn’t drop any cash…but i didn’t realize others would. and as a result, i ended up downing a LARGE amount of crown, and a concoction i’ve never tried till friday called a “jäeger bomb” (jäegermeister and red bull) – which added up to a messy evening. a FUN evening, but a messy one -lots of bars. lots of people (our group topped 25 by the time i split). and i spent very little…like one round for me, and one for me and the birthday boys. that was it – everyone else dropped their own cash; and in the middle of it i ran into people from high school. trust me, if you knew where i went to school, you’d realize most of those fucks would drive you to drink by their mere presence – but never mind that now.

and then there was saturday…saturday was benita’s wedding. benita is a close friend who had four kids by the age of 25 and who has ever since i’ve known her tried to set me up with one of her friends – most of which i can describe with two simple words (”um…no.”). but saturday she got married – which is VERY cool. yet somehow, some way, some MPs from ft. hood decided to adopt me as their own. after the wedding (where she married a guy from ft. hood) they had nothing but beer at the reception, which was good because i didn’t want to drink after the two previous nights and i **don’t** drink beer. but then they handed me a half a fifth crown – which i downed at one sitting, and that was before we headed to austin. on the way up i got a call from a girl from the rose (who ain’t a waitress) who complained about how we hadn’t got to hang out all week and we needed to fix that. next thing i know, on five minutes notice, i’m at chili’s having dinner with a stripper…in and out in under an hour and we spent most of it talking literature. does that make me odd or just \\really\\ drunk. i ended up missing half a dozen calls from my new army compadres, but we met up downtown and made up for lost time in alcohol consumption AND time…and again, i’m on the pizza slice crawl to absorb canadian candy – which worked well enough to get me home ALMOST legally.

and then came sunday – a benefit show where the only thing that REALLY benefited was my amount of reading of dan brown i got done (having devoured “the da vinci code” i’ve started in on “angels & demons”). i worked four hours and only sold twelve tickets – but when i went into the venue part of la zona (which is not visible from the box office) i found a couple hundred people were there. turns out the promoter took it upon themselves to let people in for CHEAPER than the ticket price but still leave me there to rot. the conversation once i found this out was brief…

them: “i’m sorry – we’re kind of new”


the end. always know for my professionalism. then it was off to the sopranos and deadwood at jim’s place. always a good way to wrap up a weekend whether it’s shitty (the common theme lately) or fun (which could happen for me eventually, right?). and thus started a new streak of NON drinking nights…

…which ended monday – when kathi had me over for dinner and a couple bottles of wine. oh well, there’s always tomorrow to start my sober streak, right?

(and this whole piece was written AFTER the second bottle was drained – so if it sucks, blame some wine called “goats do roam” – isn’t that some bestiality porno?)

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