one week to the revolution? (for real this time)

i don’t be a negative nancy here…

…but even after all the election certifications, and the fact you can see mr. unraveled unraveling even further, and the horrible court record (1-46) until one week from now, when the electoral college votes, and it becomes legit, i don’t know if i’m ready to relax.

i still check my phone for new news a few times a day.

even with ramblin’ rudy sidelined with da ‘rona, and rumors starting to circulate that like many an odd haired, fake tanned new yorker, somebody might be heading to spend the holidays in florida and simply never go back.

way to ruin florida, asshole. hey, dorsey – right that little run in into the next one. i’d love to see how serge handles him!

this motherfucker has raised nine figures from his faithful, and with the election in the rearview mirror he doesn’t have anything he’s obligated to do with it. he COULD just pocket it, or use it to pay off the nine figures of debt that will come calling january 21. he could flee the country.

or he could buy the fuck out of some electorates. which is what i’m really afraid of.

so in one week – on NEXT tuesday’s post, i’ll feel like i can breathe easy…or start my own militia. i guess time will tell.

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