to hu or not to lu…that is the question

so, in addition to the super deluxe every channel under the sun package we have with direct tv…

…and netflix, and amazon prime, and disney plus, we’ve now added hulu as well.

all because of animaniacs, which i dearly loved in the nineties and while the kid enjoys the new shit, i think the ufc and i are liking it because it mentally takes us back to a time when life was a lot less complicated – no real bills, no real drama, and no global pandemic. a simpler time. yeah, i was a lot less healthy, had some appearance issues, and drove a LOT shittier car, but it was an easier time.

and the shit’s just funny.

right now we’re still on the “free trial” month, but we’ll see if it’s worth keeping. these days these services are becoming like NBA teams in the 1990’s – they all have their superstar you can only see there, and a whole bunch of filler that will go back to their home town and use their fifteen minutes of fame to start a chicken shack or a car dealership or some shit, metaphorically speaking.

so we’ll see how that all plays out. so far, it’s totally worth the free.

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