gotcha ‘rona ri-sing

the rona is on the rise nation wide…

…but vaccines are on the way!

here’s my dilemma – i don’t watch a lot of live tv, so i don’t see a lot of ads. skipping those mean i also don’t see a lot of big pharma’s marketing, but that’s okay. who needs a thirty second spot with twelve seconds of touchy-feely video with a soft voice narrating how these pills fix all my problems, followed by eighteen seconds of a different soft voice, speaking at three times the speed of a normal human being, listing all the side effects and ending with “you should call your doctor if you experience any of these”.

the two vaccines that everybody is all dick hard happy about are made pfizer and moderna, who are both pretty big spokes in the big pharma wheel and those folks are known for all that side effect shit i mentioned above.

here’s my plan…

our phone plan lapsed in september, the month the new iphones started to be hinted at. we waited. then they started pre-sales. we still waited. and, finally, the phones began to ship…

…and we’re still waiting. why? because we want to make sure they get all the bugs worked out or figure out solutions to any unforeseen kinks in the armor before we commit to a device that’s become increasingly more “life affirming” for a two year lease. and it’s like a kid – you get it, then you have to get is stuff…cases. and whatever the new apple charger is that year. etc. etc.

and that’s just the caution we take with a fucking phone – you think i’m gonna jump in with both feet for something that will literally enter my bloodstream and contain micro-doses of a global pandemic virus?

fuck all that.

i can happily wait a bit to see if folks stop seeing the color orange or grow flippers or whatever the fuck before i get in that line. i’ll check back on that shit when we’re getting closer to my birfmas and shit.

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