a bad week for the big “O”

no, this isn’t a sex bit…

…or a bit about a bygone electronics store in austin, texas.

(this is where a pic of an old austin appliance store was supposed to be, which was called “Oscar Snowden’s” and had the tagline, “If you didn’t buy it from The Big O, you paid too much!” but there weren’t any to be found)

but in this case it’s a brand of shit i do occasionally, and admittedly, pay too much for – oakley. on sunday, the hinge on my prescription sunglasses decided to randomly crack and die:

and then two days later at the gym my SI glove (i.e. the kind they issue to police and military so it’s supposed to be all durable and shit) had a blowout:

which now leaves me with two dilemmas – do i buy more gloves or just try to get some other (also oakley si) gloves that ripped on the seam sewn up? and on the glasses, try to find the same frames for a lens swap, which will cost me out of pocket overall, or do the “get an exam, fresh prescription (that hasn’t changed in eleven years), new lenses in other frames i own (OR new frames as well)” but i get reimbursed by our vision plan?

decisions, decisions…since yeah, i needed more on my plate.

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