sadly now we’re creeping up on a third (a throwback)

so, the eighteen year old bit for today has been done…

…but while going through my copious archives i found a fun little one from a month that so far had zero archival bits listed, so i give you:

the magical age

by sean ~ June 23rd, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized.

you know what i realized tuesday at the beach?

women can now be half my age AND legal at the same time!!!

yeah, baby!!!

(at this point, before anyone calls the midlife crisis police, i would like to interject that even though i have been pretty lonely and miserable lately i have also implemented a strictly “nobody under thirty” rule AND don’t plan on looking for anything serious ever again – if it’s gonna happen, let it find me. i quit. now, let’s move on…)

i do recall having a conversation with shane mere days before where i said something to the effect of…

”i realized i was drinking too much and building up WAY too high an alcohol tolerance when i could drink a pint glass of straight tequila on the rocks after the sun goes down and still get up by 8am the next day and MOW THE GRASS!!!”

sadly, that’s actually true.

it also speaks volumes that last night, after a nightcap of roadhouse teas and other sleep inducing activities i still made it up by 9am, went and got breakfast tacos, and then proceeded to mow my front grass (which needed a light trimming) and my back grass (where, in international news, i found two m.i.a. viet cong soldiers hiding out) back to back and had it all done by noon.

i am becoming way too domesticated. time to go get drunk in the daylight…for my money, nothing reverses that “i am getting way too grown up” feeling quite like stumbling out of a bar into the sunlight. happy weekend, everybody!

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