the sisterhood of the magic pants (a flashback)

the title only KINDA fits…

…but that’s more than you get most of the time, so enjoy!

11/13/2002: “the gap is closing…where WILL you buy your “magic jeans”?”

okay, so maybe by “the gap is closing…” that’s not EXACTLY what that means. as far as the magic jeans thing, it’s a kind of jeans with more adjectives then denim (low rise, stretch, boot cut) that my “sister” kathi calls magic jeans because when she puts them on, it looks like she instantly dropped ten pounds. again, NOT the gap i was talking about closing…although the real one involves kathi as well.

long before my current employ, i liked going to concerts. that only got worse when i got into radio and worse still when i got into ticketing. but many of you who have read this page have noticed that a good chunk of my life revolves around “traditions”. i AM a creature of habit, and certain repetitions in life can be a good thing. others can be bad, but i seek to worm those out slowly but surely (most are already gone) but one tradition that exists between me and kathi has to do with the first show i ever went to.

if you want to get TECHNICAL, the first ticketed show i ever went to was sam kinison, at the paramount (where you can find me in the opera box for carlos mencia next saturday, and for george carlin on december sixth) on june 19th, 1987 (my sixteenth birthday). but the first MUSIC concert i went to was almost a year later on may 11th, 1988…omd and depeche mode. and i’ve seen depeche on every pass through texas since.

the first time was with john mark. the second (1990 with nitzer ebb) was with my friend kym (not the person you folks have read about on here with a moniker that includes the phrase “…in training”; one i haven’t spoken to in almost a decade). every one since, regardless of other people (only on one of them, actually) has been with my “sister” kathi. others may join in next time (and are more than welcome) but this is now four shows deep. four tours. four consecutive appearances. the first in austin, and the other three in sa (hemisfair, the alamodome, then vwa). starting back in 1994 and going to summer of 2001. seven years. four shows. all depeche. that’s tradition.

but she’s getting some competition…

junior and tool.

i’ve only seen tool four times TOTAL instead of six. but three of them have been in the last year. and all with junior.

think about THAT a second…three tours through in a YEAR. all with the same person. only one behind and all caught up in twelve months. DAMN.

better hope they’re not on ozzfest next year, huh? or that depeche puts together another album REAL fast. otherwise i guess the crown might be passed. or maybe there’s some dark horse waiting in the wings to blow EVERYBODY away…

but time will tell, i suppose.

best thing about THIS tool show? it was SOBER FREE!!! by that, i mean they didn’t play their “hit” song sober, which i got WAY tired of back when i was doing college radio…not meant in that “i boozed it up” kinda way; ever since i had a wee bit to drink at chacho’s last friday, i kinda swore off the stuff for a week or so. at least i didn’t do anything too embarrassing…or so my sister “kathi” tells me. see, back to the family again. all full circle. well, it’s now damn near two a.m., and time for me to crash.

2020 note – i’ve now seen tool three more times, but never again with junior (twice solo, once with an old friend from my underground days). likewise, i’ve seen depeche mode five more times, but never with kathi (once with alex, three solo, and once with the ufc) so the gap, band wise, has widened…

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i’m with ya on the magic jeans, girl. oh yes, they DO have mystical powers that not even pilates can match. god bless gap.

elle said @ 11/19/2002 05:30 PM CST

I’m not crazy. You saw it. They ARE magic jeans!!

kathi said @ 11/13/2002 10:01 PM CST

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