that ain’t fire

if, like me, you have a journalism degree, you are not a big fan of censorship and you are a big believer in free speech…

…but we were all taught the same thing about “free speech” and “your rights”. at least, i always heard two examples:

1. your right to swing your fist ends when it hits my jaw

2. you don’t have the right to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theater unless, in fact, there is a fire

let’s focus on that second one for a second. i have read numerous articles about QAnon and other folks that feel super betrayed that the election of a democratic president was something fox news felt they needed to run. now, even though they actually CALLED the got damn election for biden (based off the ludicrous duality of him winning both the popular and electoral vote) they still report all day about how trump could still win.

which, in case you’re curious, he can. the electoral vote is just under a month away, on december 14th, but if a state hasn’t certified the election at that point most states actually have electorates that can vote however the fuck they want. you know all that money your uncle and grandparents keep sending to that website? yeah, that can easily buy off an electorate or several and boom, we have a complete reversal.

and undoubtedly a complete civil war. as anderson cooper said, “if he’s going down, he’s gonna want to take the whole country with him”. i don’t doubt that.

but let’s get back to that “fire” line. apparently twitter and facebook actually fact checking posts from folks is becoming a problem. they put up false accusations of a “rigged election” and they get marked as false, even when it’s DJT doing the posting. so while the rest of the world has twitter, facebook, and instagram, these spooky motherfuckers have parler, newsmax, and rumble.

a safe place to spread lies, conspiracy theories, and hate. just what the world needed more of.

i have but two questions – are these things publicly traded? because if so i’d love to see their stock prices. and secondly, who are their sponsors? you know those annoying sponsored posts and ads and shit in your feed? yeah, that’s what PAYS for those fucking sites. who the fuck other than alex jones is gonna sponsor this slop?

i guess we shall see – and i know they won’t be getting a dime of my fucking money.

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