okay, one last one

i have one more election bit to share and then i’m officially letting this go and moving on…

…and others really need to do the same.

regardless of who won. regardless of who you voted for. you know what we DID accomplish? ALL of us?

we came through. en masse.

this election saw the largest turn out in over a century, and during a global pandemic no less (which is probably why numbers are now rising up, but never mind that now). typically, a small portion of registered voters come out, vote, and determine what everybody else has to put up with for four years or more. but not this time – we all wanted our say. and that, folks, it what it’s all about. think “your vote doesn’t count”? countless lawsuits being filed to try and get every vote possible to swing the other way says otherwise. and all those efforts to keep felons and people of color and others from voting? ya know why? because votes fucking matter…

…yes, even yours.

but we got out there and did it. now we just need to make sure we KEEP doing it, and that will be the hard part. say what you want about the outgoing guy, but he got motherfuckers to the polls. maybe not the way he wanted, but he did. i can now say he’s said three truthful things…

1. he could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and not lose a single supporter (sad, but true)

2. he could not guarantee a peaceful transition of power (pathetic, but true)

3. he got more votes than any seated president (not enough to win, but true)

so keep hope alive, keep vote alive…

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