i can hear the fat lady from here

so, is the election over?

i think so. we all know who doesn’t. we also all knew said individual would never go quietly into that good night. he did, after all, not promise a peaceful transition of power. quite the contrary – he literally said:

“If we do away with the ballots there won’t have to be a transfer of power.” -Donald Trump

which basically indicated that we need not have an election, just continue to let him shit without flushing all over our country in any way he saw fit for the next four years because…that’s what he wanted? and that’s how kids not getting their way act…

no similarity in body language there, right?!?

i will say this – they should give him north carolina. they should. that should have been called by now. i think, personally, they’re just NOT doing it to avoid the inevitable lawsuit he’s trying…well…everywhere. and as of now five of them have been decided, none of which are in his favor. what he’s refusing to see is just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. hell, in one case the “evidence” was a post it note, hand written, from an undetermined source. that’s what they spent lawyer money on. a got damn hand written “the dems done cheated” post it note. and they thought that would hold up in court.

a lot of folks are saying this guy ruined the republican party, but i disagree. the people that decided to not cross check him, not interject some much needed reality into this idiot’s world, those are the ones to blame. nobody wanted to be the voice of reason. to reintroduce him to reality. the most laughable thing i saw during this whole election cycle was this flag:

he was never anything BUT bullshit. over 20,000 proven lies to the american people AND COUNTING. take away the bullshit and he basically never spoke. so i endorse this one – trump 2020 – no more bullshit. the american people agreed and voted him out. now he just needs to stop lying to them and himself and go golf on his own fucking dime for a change.

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